Media and me. What’s the story? Born and bred in North Queensland, I have been in media for longer than I care to admit and swear that if I was opened up I would bleed ink rather that blood. Yes, the World of sales and marketing is part of my DNA.

I love working with businesses to define their strategic goals and put my creative hat on to make their ideas real in the wild world of digital and user-generated content. From the digital to traditional, I love to get creative. Creative marketing has absolutely nothing to do with platforms, content types, colour schemes, mediums, or truthfully any of the things the entire industry spends all its breath debating. Creative marketing isn’t video. Creative marketing isn’t a blog. Creative marketing isn’t that ridiculous phrase, “Let’s make something go viral.” Creativity is something that makes you stop. Creativity is something that makes you pause, think, and take notice–despite a million other blinks and flashes and buzzes and notifications popping up around you. Creativity is something that resonates. Something that, for a moment, makes you feel understood. Which means, at its root, creativity is honesty and I may just look at your business in a different way. So please feel free to email me if you want to catch up!

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