So the 3 most important ingredients are imported from Italy. Not surprising, considering that pizza was created in Italy, but as Jay and Anu, say…….PERFECTED IN NEW YORK!!

When Jay and Anu moved to Brisbane Australia in April 2013 the one thing they missed more than anything else about there beloved New York was the Pizza. So, as a tribute to their previous home city, they decided to open a pizzeria in their new home city of Brisbane. And Boroughs of New York was born.

To replicate the authentic flavours that they missed from back home, both Jay and Anu knew they would have to get the “holy trinity of pizza” spot on, and as such, they needed to ensure that the dough, pizza sauce and cheese was on point. After laboriously sifting through (excuse the pun) almost every 00 grade of flour available, they selected a flour that was imported from a mill in Italian countryside that dates back to the early 1800’s.

To find the sweetest tomatoes that would go into the pizza sauce, Jay and Anu found a tomato that is grown in the volcanic regions of Italy which are imported into Brisbane in tins and used in their authentic pizza sauce. And to round out the trinity of pizza they found the perfect Fior di Latte Mozzarella that is also produced in Italy.

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