Sit back and relax in true Jamaican style amongst the palm trees and vibrant atmosphere, and let your culinary senses ignite with the fantastic flavour of our traditional cuisine.

If you want to set your taste buds alight and get your heart racing with the true flavour of Jamaica, come to JAMROC, where we will guarantee you an experience you won’t forget!

The term ‘jerk’ is the name given to the traditional method of Jamaican cooking in which meats are marinated in a unique blend of herbs and spices, and then char grilled to succulent perfection. The care taken to prepare the ‘jerk’ marinate, and the time the meat is allowed to marinate in partnership with the char-grilling are essential for producing the amazing flavour and aroma that ‘jerk’ is renowned around the world for. At Jamroc we follow these timeless traditions and recipes handed down from generation to generation in order to produce such a special and unique flavour thats guaranteed to leave you craving more.

Whether you like it the traditional way off the bone, or in a gourmet burger or wrap the choice is yours!

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